Spend the summer chasing dreams...

Spend the summer chasing dreams...

                                 KESTREL SUMMER FLEDGLINGS! 


Coming in September... Pollinator Project


Sept 19th  
                  Evening Lecture                           
              Curious bout Minerals?

    September 29th  
             Birding on the

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Harris Ranch Wildlife Mitigation Association is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit created to implement the Harris Ranch Wildlife Impact Assessment and Management Plan, which prescribes actions to avoid and reduce adverse impacts to wildlife associated with development. 

 Photography Credits: Clockwise from top: Gary Richardson: Bachelor button Dragon fly, Green dragonfly, and Big Blue Sky, James Riser: Idaho Wild Orchid, Gary Richardson: ground bird nest. All other graphic representation are either part of Wild Apricot other images may be directly linked to source to provide proper acknowledgement. 

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