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Mitigation Fee Refunds

New homeowners have an incentive to participate in conservation education and volunteer opportunities at Harris Ranch. Two-thirds ($200) of the $300 deed transfer fee paid at closing will be refunded to homeowners who participate in two wildlife education events or conservation projects ($100/activity). Find a listing of HRWMA-approved activities below. You must participate within the first two years after closing on your home.
To request a reimbursement, print and fill out one HRWMA Participation Form for each activity. Take the form with you to the activity and have the activity leader sign the form, then mail it to the Harris Ranch Wildlife Mitigation Association at: HRWMA, PO Box 1949, Boise, ID 83701.
Click here for form: HRWMA Participation Form   Participation Forms can be mailed to you upon request.

Year: 2017

1January, 2017February
Feb 01 Birding Series with Terry Rich
Feb 08 Winter Tracking: Reading Signatures in the Snow
Feb 16 Hulls Gulch Reserve Tour - Foothills Hiking Series
Feb 28 What Makes Trees Tick: An Inside Look at Trees
Mar 08 Living in a Fire-Prone Landscape
Mar 13 EVENING LECTURE: Beaver Ecology at the MK Nature Center
Mar 14 Native Plant Mapping - Learn how you can help scientists using the iNaturalist app & map native plants when you hike
Mar 16 Camel's Back Reserve Tour - Foothills Hiking Series
Mar 18 Being a Naturalist: Winter Survival & Ecology
Mar 18 Birding for all Seasons - Kathryn Albertsons Park with Boise Parks & Rec and Audubon Society
Mar 28 Idaho Rivers Lecture Series: Creating Lively Landscapes With Less Water
Apr 10 Evening Lecture: Bears of Idaho, Evin Oneale
Apr 11 Free Lecture - Fire & Invasive Species in the Boise Foothills - Idaho Native Plant Society
Apr 20 Oregon Trail Reserve Tour- Overlooking Barber Valley - Foothills Hiking Series
Apr 22 Earth Day Work Day 2017 - Deer Flat National Wildlife Refuge
May 03 BOISE BIRDING SERIES – Bird Identification
May 08 Wildlife Lecture - Bees
May 13 Sheep in the Foothills - shuttle from Fort Boise Community Center to Foothills Learning Center
May 18 Tour of the Reserves - Mesa Reserve hike, by Table Rock
May 20 Birding for all Seasons - CANCELED Due to High Water - Marianne Williams Park - with Boise Parks & Rec and Audubon Society
Jun 07 BOISE BIRDING SERIES – Bird Identification
Jun 08 Boise River Songbird Banding
Jun 08 TOUR OF THE RESERVES - Polecat Gulch Reserve
Jun 10 Conservation in the City
Jun 15 Monarch Butterfly Excursion - Parks, Monarchs & Milkweeds
Jun 18 Biterbrush Seed Collection with the HRWMA - an evening in the Boise Foothills in Late June or Early July
Jun 18 Boise River Songbird Banding
Jun 29 Boise River Songbird Banding
Jun 29 Rattlesnake Awareness & Hunting Trap Release/Avoidance Class - Stay safe while living alongside wildlife
Jul 05 BOISE BIRDING SERIES – Bird Identification
Jul 07 Citizen workshop Monarch and Milkweed
Jul 09 Family Birding Walk - Kathryn Albertson Park
Jul 12 Discovering Boise's Wildflowers and Butterflies - Sunset Lecture Series
Aug 19 BUG DAY: Idaho Botanical Garden & College of Idaho
Oct 01 Feeder Watch
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